Off Market Sales

BUYING a property before it goes to market, is a great way to maximise your opportunities and minimise your competition as a buyer.

There are many reasons as to why a seller might like to sell off market or have a ‘secret sale’ where there is no sign, or property listing on, or similar websites.

They are under financial duress and are embarrassed about their situation and don’t want it to be public knowledge

A divorce or partnership break-up

Don’t want the stress and hard work of preparing their home for endless inspections and open homes every weekend

They don’t want to give the ‘nosy neighbours’ the opportunity to come for a snoop

They only want to attract genuine, pre-qualified buyers and minimise ‘time wasters’.

The sellers need to dispose of the property FAST for one reason or another

So please register on our databases to obtain a sneak peek of our off-market sales and of our newly listed properties before they officially hit the mass market.

Off Market Sales Registration Form

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